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Is your child struggling?  Do they have frequent tantrums, or other behavior issues? Can you see the frustration on their faces?  Do they seem not to understand what is going on around them?  Do they struggle to express what they need or want? 


Communication Allies is here to guide you and your child every step of the way throughout their journey towards being better able to make themselves understood and to understand what is said to them. 

Sessions are only a portion of the work we do.   At Communication Allies not only is your child's speech-language needs in expert hands, but you will be guided to support your child after the session is over.


Communication allies is a neurodiversity affirming practice. We believe that differences in thinking patterns are best supported by advocacy, self-advocacy and adjustments in the environment rather than changing the person's thinking process or neurobiology. Neurodiversity is respected in speech-language, feeding and parent counseling sessions.

Parents are experts on their children.  Communication Allies guides that internal knowing into practical strategies for everyday.

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